Karin Hengeveld – Goldsmith (CariGold.NL)

My name is Karin Hengeveld. My profession is goldsmith and I started my business in 1992. I make people happy with a handmade ornament in my own studio. I keep the customer in mind while I’m creating a piece of jewellery, because a jewel has to suit a person. The design is tailored to the customer, that is precisely what makes the piece unique. My job as a goldsmith gives me a lot of fun. The appreciation I get from a customer who has just seen his or her new jewellery, makes being a goldsmith wonderful.

I have been a Marillion fan since 1985. Back in 2007 my brother, also a Marillion fan, asked me if I could make him a Marbles pendant. He started to wear it to concerts, and there were so many positive comments to follow. One thing lead to another and with the permission of Marillion, I now make Marillion jewellery on top of my other activities. So keep the feelings and memories alive with an ornament of your favourite album!

I was recently featured in the Marillion.NL fanclub magazine:


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Other work I have made: